Transformation Sessions

All sessions are led by Sodan Selva, Managing Partner, Chia Ventures, Inc.

The Truth, Data and Techniques Behind Successful Business Transformations

Time Required: One day to 1 week workshop depending on depth of application

This session takes you through the realities of why innovation and Silicon Valley trend watching by itself will set you up to fail in the 21st century. It does this by looking at that underlying data behind transforming success and how innovation by itself can become a distraction if it is not applied in the context of a company’s key strengths. It then goes on to provide a framework for transformation execution and success combined with techniques to place your company on firm footing to achieve transformation DNA and the resulting sustainable growth in this 21st century.

Take aways:

  1. Why Does Innovation Struggle To Find The Path for Transformational Growth at Most Companies?
  2. What is the real data and track record of Silicon Valley innovation and where does it fail and succeed as it relates to your success?
  3. What are the key drives for Transformation Success? What techniques can be apply to catalyze these key success drivers?
  4. What are the 4 Zones of Operation You Need to Thrive In A Disruptive Age?
  5. How Do You Effectively Manage and Operate Those Zones To Achieve Transformational Results?
  6. How Can We Effectively Manage Innovation So It Leads To Transformation?
  7. What is the process and set up so you can beat Silicon Valley at its own game to achieve market leadership?

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Driving Innovation and Transformation Throughout Your Organization with Data Driven Leadership

Time Required: One day to 1 week workshop depending on depth of Application

This session takes you through a five step method that allows you to simply but effectively implement data driven execution to the hard task of innovating and transforming your team and/or business. If you can apply this process, you’ll be able to get your team aligned to meet strong outcomes and results for innovation and transformation in condensed timeframes.

Take aways:

  1. A Powerful Framework to Vision Your Future
  2. Securing Your Vision to Key Driving Metrics
  3. Developing and Implementing Cross Functional Collaborative Key Performance Indicators
  4. Securing Your Cross Functional Metrics with Employee Level Objectives and Key Results
  5. The Process and Design for Superior Execution

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The Integrated Techniques and Approach to Digital and Innovation Business Creation

Time: Half a day to 1 week depending on depth of application.

This is a no non-sense session that empowers you and your time with the tools, techniques and models for digital business creation and planning. This is a holistic training that takes you from ideation to launch including ideation process to prototyping to launch with the customer at the center. Many of the teachings today silo the disciplines of design thinking, growth hacking, data driven operating and scaling which may encourage silos within your teams rather than the design to drive results through collaboration. This is one of the reasons why innovation efforts fail in companies and growing digital businesses fall short of their targets. 

If you want to cut through the noise to get the core techniques of digital business creation as a launchpad for growth or transformation, this is a must session for you and your team.

Take aways:

  1. The Digital Business Landscape Through Business Model Simulations and Financial Analysis
  2. A Powerful Framework Ideation and Visioning New Innovation and Digital Businesses
  3. Techniques to Bring Value to Customer Problems To The Center of All New Businesses
  4. Prototyping and Iterating with Easy To Use Tools and Data Driven Feedback Loops
  5. The Process of Continuos Iteration Before Building and Engineering
  6. Business Model Generation, Pricing and Monetization
  7. Mapping Into A Plan for Execution, Investment and Beginning Growth Hacking

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The Techniques of Financial and Operating Modeling for Accelerated Growth and Data Driven Collaborative Decision Making – For All Leaders and Operators

Time: One day  to one week workshop depending on Depth of Application

This is practical hands on session on the fundamentals and applications of decision making and executing with operating models to drive growth results and align your team cross-functionally.

The simulation exercises will give you a solid grounding on how to problem solve and collaborate with your team to work through crisis situations as well as meet targets in condensed time frames.

This is a fundamentals session which every leader and team member should be grounded for optimal data driven decision making during a time of accelerated disruption and growth.

Take aways:

  1. Understanding Financial Statements Fundamentals and Their Role in Value Creation
  2. Using Models As A Foundation for Collaborative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  3. Developing Models for Your Teams As A Roadmap and Navigator for Collaborative and Data Driven Decision Making
  4. Managing and Achieving Outcomes and Diagnosing Course Corrections Through Data Driven Root Cause Analysis and Remedies
  5. Implementing An Iterative Data Driven Learning Process Through Models

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